HRD Corp RiSE4WRD “IoT introduction and Implementation Training Program”

HRD Corp RiSE4WRD “IoT introduction and Implementation Training Program”

Aug 8, 2023 | 0 comments

Demo of AIoT to provide real time productivity performance monitoring before a SME bolt and nut manufacturer management team at Klang. This is part of the HRDCorp Rise4WRD “IoT Introduction and Implementation Training Program” mainly presented by experienced trainer En. Azhar, with industry experience sharing by Peplow Warren Sdn Bhd Industrial Solution expert Dr. Tang.

Not timely report of shop floor productivity information, incorrect reporting due to workers unclear handwriting, traceability to workers incorrect reporting, among others, can be resolved via effective use of AIoT Task Manager module.

Managers and business owner can have access to real time production information, planned and current machine loading, machine performance, workers performance, defect trending, among others. Such real time information allow top management and sales team to make more accurate and timely sales and marketing decisions. It allow operation team to timely attend to machine maintenance, production plan change etc. that improve the overall production performance.

RiSE4WRD is HRD Corp’s initiative to support the national agenda of embracing the IR 4.0. This programme is designed to assist SMEs in the manufacturing and related sectors that have participated in the RA under the MITI, to start or accelerate their digital transformation journeys.

Peplow Warren Sdn Bhd is one of the most active HRDCorp registered SBL Khas training provider. The OT team and IT team working closely to offer highly cost effective automation and digitalization solution for manufacturing process. Our ERP, MES, Cloud AIoT, SmartQC, SmartMaintenance, SmartSurveillance solution is supported by 4000+ global technical team, with 40 years development experience.

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