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We offer innovative, custom designed, built and installed factory automation system for various industries based on your needs.

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Meet your factory connectivity and tool control requirements

As your single-source for all your factory automation needs, we offer a one-stop service to meet your factory connectivity and tool control requirements. Whether you need automation system, engineering services or automation components, we can tailor a solution that fits your needs. We can save you the time, hassle and expense of sourcing parts from numerous suppliers. Just give us your requirements and we’ll solve the problem for you!


  • Leak test machine
  • Lost gauge test machine
  • Double checking machine
  • Conveyer machine
  • Counting machine
  • Auto printer machine
  • Marking station machine
  • Conveyer with vision checking machine


  • Area sensor fixture unit
  • Pneumatic system guide unit
  • Vision check unit
  • Coil compress
  • Coil strapping
  • Coil-basket seperation and transfer
  • Wrapping


  • Packing mould for auto cover wrapper machine
  • Speed test machine
  • Tape rewinding machine
  • Clamping punch machine
  • Auto print unit
  • Holding jig with panel installation for vision system
  • Stamping die with RFID unit


  • OK and reject sorting and transfer
  • Holding fixture for inject printer production line
  • Counting fixture for moulding machine
  • Floating sensor fixture
  • Temperature device fixture


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