Factory SMART surveillance system

Factory SMART surveillance system

Sep 27, 2023 | 0 comments

Looking to enhance your workplace safety and security system?

PWSB team offer digitalized smart surveillance system to register their visitor, visitor vehicle and number, workers attendance using face recognition.

The solution can provide access control at clean room. Only authorized workers with complete PPE are allowed to enter the clean room production area.

The solution enable selected machine can be operated by selected competent engineer only. This would ensure the desired production control policy is implemented at the shop floor.

Cargo truck that is registered for material unloading will be identified before leaving and security team is alerted if un-authorized product / material is detected to be carried away from the factory premise.

Attractive production and asset security management digitalization solution is readily available. Peplow Warren Sdn Bhd provide affordable IT solution & SME friendly automation solution. Reducing work force in production line. Enhancing productivity. Achieving consistent quality. Build a safer work environment.
Future smart factory & smart warehouse is now for you.

Embrace Automation to Unleash Your Efficiency & Growth Through Manufacturing Empowerment!!!

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