Automated Jumbo Roll Trolley

Automated Jumbo Roll Trolley

Sep 3, 2023 | 0 comments

This customized factory manufacturing automation is an automated trolley that can transfer up to 3 ton jumbo roll safely and steadily. It reduce the workspace and workforce required to handle heavy cargo. Cost-saving. Ensure safety. Reduce mishandling. Programmable. Fully design and assembled in Malaysia. Technical support by local engineer. Quick response to technical support.

Strive for limitless possibilities with Peplow Warren.

Attractive production and asset security management digitalization solution is readily available. The OT team and IT team working closely to offer highly cost effective automation and digitalization solution for manufacturing process. Our ERP, MES, Cloud AIoT, SmartQC, SmartMaintenance, SmartSurveillance solution is supported by 4000+ global technical team, with 40 years development experience.

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