What Is CMMS?

What Is CMMS?

Jul 23, 2023 | 0 comments

Smart CMMS is a state of the art Computerized Maintenance Management System solution.

Digitalizing multiple complex machine and equipment maintenance system into a more manageable system. Bringing — More traceability. More organized work plan. Less unplanned down time. Less paper. Less headache. Less haywire. Less mistake. Less incomplete maintenance report.

Assembling all planning, execution, analysis, reporting of each and every production floor asset (machines, equipment, utilities, tools, fire fighting system, buildings, among others) to one computerized system to ensure timely service and maintenance. The machine and equipment life can be extended with more proper maintenance. Maintenance budget can be planned more systematically. Product quality can be more consistent, boosting customer’s confidence.

Now you can maintain your production line without a platoon of operation staff!

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